Live-wire electric fencing Cape Town


LiveWire Electric Fencing - Brackets

Live Wire offer top wall and free standing brackets in 5, 6, 8 lines or more, options include:

  • Square Tube: extremely strong
  • Round Bar: neat and inexpensive
  • Flat Bar: suitable for Vibrecrete walls etc
  • Colours available: White, Black, Grey or Galvanised
  • Pictured: An installation using Flat and Round Bar Brackets


LiveWire Electric Fencing - Energisers

Live Wire uses the technically superior and advanced Nemtek Range of Energisers. Made in South Africa, these Energisers have proved robust and reliable with a 2 year unconditional Warranty. Parts are readily available making service and repairs a simple matter. These energisers have a battery back-up of 6-8 hours, in the event of a power failure.

Always keep your energiser switched on to ensure full power to your fence and to keep the battery fully charged. If the battery does wear down, the Alarm will sound and the Energiser lights will indicate "Bad".

New Druid LCD - Adaptive Power Technology Energizer

The Nemtek Druid 13 LCD energizer similar to the picture above has a stored energy of 3 joules and supplies maximum pulse energy of 3 joules, at a maximum voltage of 9900volts. Changes in the surrounding environment can adversely affect an electric fence’s efficiency and power output. This energizer offers a new and unique method of detecting how much power an electric fence can accept and handle before it starts to “arc” and waste energy, thus maximizing the power on the fence for optimum performance. This is currently the best energizer on the market.

The background colours of the LCD display, give a quick glance indication of the energizer status without the user having to approach the unit in order to read the display. For example “green” indicates all is fine, “orange” indicates that attention is required and “red” indicates an alarm condition. The coloured lights are visible from a distance, and are quick to spot.

This energizer is an excellent choice for our Cape Town coastal areas where salt build-up during the dry season can result in increased power losses along the electric fence. This new energizer ensures that the fence only receives the amount of power it can manage thus making it energy efficient and economical.

These energizers have alarm inputs as well as alarm and status outputs providing various monitoring options. The internal 7amp hour battery will provide a minimum of eight hours operation in the event of a power failure and will indicate a low battery condition. The energizer is activated and deactivated with a security key or via an optional remote control. The Wizord ranges of energizers are manufactured locally by Nemtek with an excellent reputation and carry an unconditional 2 year replacement Warranty.

Optional Extras

LiveWire Electric Fencing - Extras

For additional security and peace of mind.

  • Fence Light: this will twinkle indicating that your fence is "on"
  • Remote On/Off for Energiser
  • Alarm Link Up Transmitter which links your home Alarm System Service Provider to your Electric Fence
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Invest in your family's safety - Electric fencing

One has only to look at the daily news articles available locally to understand and realize that the personal safety of yourself and your family is constantly under imminent threat.

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