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 9 years ago

Live Wire Electric Fencing was recently awarded the tender to electrify the Sanparks offices in the Tokai forest to protect them from the invading and destructive actions of the local Baboons.

 Whilst there is a place for Baboons in nature and their regular habitat, these animals are unfortunately finding simpler ways of survival by invading human homes and offices for food.  While sympathising for them, the downside for humans is that they are very destructive. It is costly to repair the damage and clean up the mess.

The residents of Constantia, Tokai, Kommetjie, Simons Town and Sun Valley  have, causing plenty of trouble destroying and invading properties, looting kitchens for food, creating filth and chaos in homes of tormented residents -  as the recent calls to Cape Talk have indicated.  The good news is that Live Wire have THE solution for you!

The simple, cost effective solution for the unfortunate home owners in this situation:  Install a Live Wire “Baboon” Electric Fence.  Voila!  The Baboons will stay away – for good! 

Live Wire protects properties. We have the know-how in “Baboon Fencing”.  After expert consultation, we developed a strong 12 line, angled bracket with 50mm spacing between the electrified wires.  This is more effective in these “Baboon” circumstances, than the normal 100mm line spacing - the norm on regular electric fencing.  Live Wire used high voltage Energisers to pulse electrified wires, giving off a high voltage shock of up to 10,000 volts.  This is sufficient to deter the most aggressive marauding baboons (and any other offenders), if they touch the wires or try to get over the fence.  The 12 lines are “in parallel” meaning that each and every wire is LIVE giving off a high voltage shock.  In short, this Live Wire Electric Baboon fence will shock the crap out of them! 

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Nov. 20, 2013, 4:20 p.m
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