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 9 years ago

DETECT, SHOCK AND DETER:  With the increased calls to Live Wire Electric Fencing, this can only mean an increase in crime.  Crime conversations are always a topic of conversation and we unfortunately, constantly feel it around us.  This holiday season, ensure that your emphasis is on the importance of deterring criminals and intruders by keeping them out of your property. Families and businesses need to maintain even higher levels of security and intruder detection than before. With so many out of work, those who cannot survive are turning more and more to theft. Don’t be caught unguarded!

Established in 1998, Live Wire Electric Fencing offers complete property protection by creating a visual barrier and an extremely painful deterrent  to would be intruders.  If a criminal tries to climb over or touch the Live Wires, he will receive a hair-raising shock of up to 10,000 volts!  The siren will then trigger (which is loud enough to send any unwanted criminals well on their way and alert the neighbourhood) and the red strobe light will flash drawing more attention!  Live Wire Electrified Fences keep criminals out and warn you if a breach has arisen.  Keep them on the outside!
Your Live Wire Electrified Fence is pulsed by an Energiser for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It does not sleep. Extremely economical, it draws the equivalent power to that of a light bulb!  The electrified wires carry pulses of high voltage electricity every 3 seconds, creating what is termed as a non lethal electrified fence.  By keeping your property perimeter protected, an attempted break in is deterred and delayed giving additional time for a reaction team to respond.  Your Live Wire Electric Fence can be linked to your home alarm which will send a signal to your Alarm Company for further back up and safety.  Our Energiser carries a 24 month guarantee and we use unique, patented clip-on bobbins which reduce arcing.

Live Wire specialises in Electric Fence Installations, Service and Maintenance for all types of Electric Fences.  Don’t delay – protect today!  For Service excellence, give us a Buzzzzz on 021 552-6803, see our ad and visit us at our website

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Nov. 20, 2013, 4:20 p.m
Invest in your family's safety - Electric fencing

One has only to look at the daily news articles available locally to understand and realize that the personal safety of yourself and your family is constantly under imminent threat.

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