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 10 years ago

The crime wave is unfortunately not decreasing with petty theft and break in’s, robberies, hold ups and House robberies on the increase. Peter Reck the owner of Live Wire feels it is our duty to make the public aware of the ever increasing situation and learn how to protect themselves through conscious awareness of our surroundings.

He says that “when entering your driveway, look around for any parked or suspicious looking vehicles near or down the road from your entrance.”  If in doubt, drive around the block watching your rear view mirror carefully.  Do not open your entrance gates and drive in – you could easily be followed in and then held up.  The intention of criminals has changed from night time robbery to robbery at all times.  The trend lately is to surprise their unsuspecting victims at home. They jump over unprotected walls.  This makes easy pickings for them:  they can take cell phones, bank cards and pin numbers, also the whereabouts and keys to your safe, not to mention motor cars.  They might even drive off in your own vehicle full of possessions. The trend is to take modern techno equipment like Plasma TV’s, Laptops, Cell phones, DVD players.

Look around at ATM’s when drawing cash and disguise the pin number you punched in e.g. if your pin is 1234 pretend to punch in a few numbers first and then the pin, or vice versa.  Well dressed people in the queue are often your thief! Never give your pin number to anyone, even if you are asked whether you need help. The banks have decreased the cash withdrawal amounts to deter cash withdrawals at ATM’s as ATM cash theft is one of the biggest problems at the moment. Do not let your credit card out of your sight at any place, mostly restaurants.

When using your laptop in a shopping mall or hotspot never do your internet banking.  You are not insured for any fraudulent transactions which happen when using banking on line in a mall or coffee shop. People may be watching you and are expert hackers. Be sure you are not followed to your car and relieved of your laptop. Surprise is the element here. Always check your surrounding first.

As far as home safety goes, Live Wire specialises in perimeter electric fencing. This is the first area of your protection. This is where you stop the criminal element getting to you.
Established for 12 years now, Live Wire offer a few safety tips:  Ensure that your fence is on at all times and running efficiently.  Many clients turn it off, but the cost of running your fence is the same as that of a 60w light bulb! Ensure that the fence is free of branches and plant overgrowth.  If not, the alarm can trigger or drop the voltage low enough to let intruders in.  Unfortunately geckos do get caught on the fence which may trigger the alarm; remove by spraying with the hosepipe – it is not necessary to turn the fence off.  If the alarm is being triggered, re-set the energiser by switching it on/off/on with the key/switch/remote.  This will reset the energiser which supplies voltage onto your electric fence.

We supply the best service when it comes to Maintenance. Our Technicians are highly qualified and will offer a solution for your fence, no matter what the problem may be.

For your business and family protection, call us for a free quotation or advice on 0215526803 or 0860005555. Now is the time to protect your family or business.
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Nov. 20, 2013, 4:20 p.m
Invest in your family's safety - Electric fencing

One has only to look at the daily news articles available locally to understand and realize that the personal safety of yourself and your family is constantly under imminent threat.

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