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LIVE WIRE: Providing The Western Cape With Affordable Property Security

 7 years ago

Crime statistics in South Africa leave enough worry within the mind of a Capetonian to ensure that our properties have fenced borders. In Cape Town, we don’t question the necessity for fencing. It is just that - a necessity. We don’t have the luxury to leave our yards and homes without a barricade from the outside world, as is the case in other cities. And this added security comes with the extra costs of installing a fence, or upgrading a current fence that doesn’t provide sufficient security. Thankfully, we are spoiled for electric fencing choice in Cape Town through LIVE WIRE Electrified Fencing.

LIVE WIRE provides Cape Town and the wider Western Cape areas with a range of electric fencing and security solutions - from inexpensive and easily-installed to more hi-tech and robust equipment. Along with security provision to suit a variety of their customer’s needs, LIVE WIRE also provides an after sales service and technical support like no other. Using only top quality SABS approved products, each fully guaranteed, you can be confident in the service of LIVE WIRE Electric Fencing Cape Town.

The products available through LIVE WIRE suit all kinds of properties; residential properties, housing estates and retirement villages, flats, golf courses, motor dealerships, industrial properties and even cellular satellite stations. If you have a property that requires electric fencing, LIVE WIRE has the solution for you. Their Bracket products fit onto any existing wall structure and include the Square Tube, which is hardy, the Round Bar, a neat and inexpensive option, and the Flat Bar which suits Vibrecrete walls. These can also be combined to suit your fencing needs.

LIVE WIRE stays ahead of the curve, having developed a patented Bobbin product. This is designed to prevent false alarms and thus improve your quality of life and peace of mind. These Bobbins are easily installed with a clip on feature and are an exclusive LIVE WIRE product. They also utilize the technically superior and advanced Nemptek Range of Energisers – a product that maintains your security in the event of a power failure.

Additional products available through LIVE WIRE include a Fence Light to notify when your fence is switched on, a remote for the Energiser feature and an Alarm Link Up Transmitter that will connect your alarm system to your electric fence. There are further security options for larger properties, such as commercial or industrial spaces, in the form of Outdoor Beams and CCTV camera systems.

All these superior products are available through LIVE WIRE Electric Fencing Cape Town. Don’t go another day wondering about the safety of your home and possessions – invest in an electric fence, and invest in your future safety and peace of mind!

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Nov. 20, 2013, 4:20 p.m
Invest in your family's safety - Electric fencing

One has only to look at the daily news articles available locally to understand and realize that the personal safety of yourself and your family is constantly under imminent threat.

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