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Live Wire Electric fencing Cape Town: Giving You Peace Of Mind In Your Home

 7 years ago

According to travel experts, South Africa is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. With tourist numbers steadily rising despite the global financial crisis, the South African tourist industry has successfully set itself apart. In 2012 tourist arrivals statistics show a 10.2% increase to 9.2 million, more than double the global average of 4%.

And this has all been achieved with the worldwide knowledge of South Africa’s crime statistics, a factor that has hindered tourism in South Africa over the years. But the crime rates in South Africa are complex. Most contact crimes (which include house break-ins, as defined by the South African police) occur between people who know each other.

Further, crime rates per area differ quite substantially, as the following statistics show:

  • In Cape Town Central, the total crimes rose from 16,102 in 2009 to 18,379 in 2013. Property-related crimes in particular have generally dropped, with an increase in property security installation such as burglar bars, alarm systems and boundary fencing.

  • In Woodstock, the general crime rate has dropped from 7,160 in 2009 to 5,194 in 2013. Property-related crimes in this area have fallen steadily from 2009 as well.

  • Sea Point has experienced a slight increase in overall crime rates, from 4,559 in 2009 to 4713 this year. Property-related crimes have noted a steep decrease, with burglaries at residential premises having generally dropped, though between 2009 and 2013 there has been a slight increase of 15 break-ins per annum.

It is therefore vital for locals to protect their properties and secure their possessions as effectively as possible, not only to provide tourists staying in the country with secure accommodation, but also allow locals with some peace of mind.

South Africans in areas that experience higher crime rates tend to install electric fencing, as regular barbed-wire fences aren’t effective in deterring burglars. This type of fence utilizes electric shocks to prevent people from climbing over them, and these effects range from slight discomfort to serious and sometimes completely debilitating pain.

In addition to having an electric fence, there are electric options for regular boundary brick walls which can be installed on top of the existing structure. These are called brackets, which are produced with 5 or more electric lines. There’s a variety of bracket shapes for different types of fencing, such as the Flat Bar, which is suitable for Vibrecrete walls, Square Tubes that are strong and can be fitted to most types of fencing, and Round Bars that look neat and are inexpensive.

Ensure the security of your home and possessions with these effective and superior products available through Live Wire Electric fencing Cape Town.

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Nov. 20, 2013, 4:20 p.m
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