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 9 years ago

Live Wire Electrified Fencing is committed to service excellence.  We are proud to be the largest Electric Fencing Company installing Nemtek’s innovative range of “Druid” Energizers in Cape Town. The “Druid” range boasts the all new Adaptive Power Technology (APT) which maximises energy transfer between the Energizer and the Fence.  It continuously monitors the output pulse, modifying it to provide the maximum power that can be absorbed by the fence without arching and activating false alarms. This is truly fantastic technology!  Detailed information is given via the LCD screen on the Energiser which changes colour depending on the status of the fence.  Switching On/Off is made easy with a tag, a digital keypad or optional remote control. The 7AH battery will provide minimum of 8-9 hrs backup during a power failure, further ensuring your security and safety.   

Leading the way, Live Wire uses the “Druid” exclusively with excellent Dealer backup and Customer support.  Exclusive features this amazing Electric Fence Energiser:

  • Trusted Technology exported worldwide and manufactured in South Africa.
  • Carries world patents on the energy output control/ATP reliable technology.
  • No arching - the only Energiser available with ATP capabilities.
  • Druid LCD range has an output voltage of 9KV - Big shocks for intruders.
  • Linking to your Alarm Service Provider for further peace of mind is an easy option
  • Has Live and Earth Loop Monitoring- any wire cut will sound the alarm.
  • Panic feature even if fence is not pulsing i.e. you can use a panic button.
  • Monitors and shows if your electric gates are left open.
  • Able to easily identify whether the fence is off / on via strobe.
  • Adjustable Voltage for various requirements.
  • Economical, Intelligent Power Saving – uses the same electricity as a single 40 watt light bulb.

Call Live Wire Electric Fencing for a professional security evaluation and quote.  We use only the latest technology and keep abreast with research and development from our suppliers, DaFence Systems and Nemtek.  We also use an exclusive patented, robust clip on bobbin on our brackets which means NO SCREWS thus eliminating false alarms and arching. Yet another South African First!

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Nov. 20, 2013, 4:20 p.m
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