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 10 years ago

“Live Wire” Electric Fencing was established in Cape Town in1998. Now, many years later, owners Peter and Cathy Reck have taken the standards and technology to new levels of professionalism offering superior installations and service. Backed up 5 installation and service teams and a staff of 18, “Live Wire” remains leaders in their field. 
Keeping security and safety top of mind our electric fencing systems operate by sending high-voltage electrical pulses of up to 10,000 volts around a multi-wired perimeter fence. The electric fence is powered by our Nemtek range of Energisers which are of the latest technology, manufactured and assembled, proudly so, in South Africa.  The strength of the shock delivered to an intruder, depends on the power output from the Energiser.
EMPHASIS ON ECNOMY:  Maintenance of our electric fences is very low due to our installation specifications. Our brackets are galvanized, with or without powder coating, and all other components namely the wiring, nuts, bolts, springs, strainers and fasteners are 314/316 grade Stainless Steel.  Live Wire uses a unique, patented “clip-on” bobbin”.  These are UV resistant and eliminate the need for screws - a major cause of “arcing”. Round bar brackets are an inexpensive and affordable option while square tube and flat bar brackets offer a more robust protection.

Your “LIVE WIRE” electric fence offers ALL of these security advantages:

  • A high voltage electric shock to would be intruders
  • A physical security barrier to protect your property
  • A visible, mental barrier to deter intrusion attempts
  • An alarm siren and strobe light warning system if fence tampered with
  • Alarm Link-up option from electric fence to security company monitoring  your home
  • Battery backup system in case of power failure for 6-8 hours
  • Intelligent power saving to extend the battery life and save energy
  • Built-in lightning and power surge suppression
  • Easy installation on existing walls or fences
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Simple operation
  • Low running costs on electricity
  • Low installation costs
  • 2 year Guarantee on Energisers
  • 12 Month Guarantee on Parts
  • Full after sales service and back-up in all areas

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Nov. 20, 2013, 4:20 p.m
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